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Using key tactics and leadership methods from the worlds of sports and business, rising leaders in your organization will obtain the skills, discipline and competitive drive necessary to perform at the highest level in any business setting.

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“The Rising Leaders Training Camp was an outstanding experience. DJ Allen and his team are very professional and have great attention to detail. The class is tailored to those who have a desire to learn and grow as leaders. Today more than ever, leadership is the point in which a business or organization can rise or fall. There are a number of leadership training programs available however none of those that I have attended place as much value and effort on growing a team for which all can perform at their best.

The sessions were focused and used time very effectively. The learning objectives were clearly communicated and met during the sessions. The one-on-one mentoring provided a good platform for leaders at different experience levels to challenge themselves to become the best leaders. The mentors also provided insight on improving the team environment in their organization. The content was very relevant to the current challenges facing leaders.

The diversity of the group was one of the most beneficial aspects of the sessions. Our group was comprised of professionals ranging from a CEO of a billion-dollar organization, to leaders in the casino and entertainment industry, and construction professionals. It was great value to see what leaders of other organizations experience. The networking aspect of working with professionals from a variety of different disciplines has value beyond measure.

Overall, I would highly recommend the program!”

Dave Watts
Executive Sergeant to the Sheriff’s Office, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

“The Xs & Os of Success Rising Leaders Training Camp is well worth the price of admission. The unique approach to training instilled a “win the day” attitude in me that resonates daily. Simply, I have become a better leader.”

Erica Arthur
Senior Vice President, Ovation Property Management

“Xs & Os of Success has helped our organization develop leaders and create a culture of motivation and mentorship with our managers. This program was instrumental to help up us develop and identify leaders within our organization and to create experiences to allow us to see them shine. Xs & Os has been a great partner in helping us develop and train our team.”

Chad Leavitt
Chief Accounting Officer, Findlay Automotive Group

“Participating in the Xs & Os of Success Rising Leaders Training Camp was a great opportunity to continue to hone my leadership skills. As we rise in leadership roles, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus, but RLTC helped me to refocus and place the importance back on the team I lead. Continuing to invest in your growth as a leader – and in the growth of other leaders in your organization – can make all the difference in cultivating an environment of success for your team.”

Marcie Smedley
Executive Director, Henderson Libraries

“Going through the Xs & Os Rising Leaders Training Camp was the best opportunity I never knew I needed. By applying simple best practices I learned over the course of a few short months I was able to adopt a new mindset that has since translated over to a happier/healthier personal and professional life.”

Ryan Hoffman
Project Manager, Helix Electric

“The Rising Leaders Training Camp taught me so much about myself, leadership, and my responsibility to ‘Be The One.’ Leadership is lonely, but if you invest in yourself through this program, you will learn the reward is well worth it. Often, the most driven and highest performing people in a company land in leadership positions with all the tools to succeed except how to lead others. This program filled that missing link for me and has allowed me to reach a higher level of effectiveness by showing me what it looks like and feels like to be a real coach and leader.”

Tommy Rayl
Service and Parts Director, Findlay Toyota of Henderson

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Our training camp examines the traits of championship teams, leaders and performers. We provide a game plan for creating an environment where performance is valued over self-promotion. Leaders will learn how to focus on maximizing their potential daily while growing those they lead as a team. Contact us today to learn more about the training camp experience.

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